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Our Story Wholesale


Welcome to Mele and Co where we've been helping our retailers like you help your customers organize their jewelry and accessories and find their shine since 1912. Being organized is how our story began. We appreciated the power of staying sorted and keeping life in order long before large organization outlets and storage stores were a thing. And 100+ years later, we haven't stopped! Whether it's heirloom jewelry, a growing watch collection or just everyday accessories, we believe everything should have a place. Because we know just how great it feels to be organized! We are known as the premier provider of jewelry boxes, watch boxes, valets, charging stations and armoires in America. Our focus on our story and roots helps reinforce our commitment to customer service and our goal of providing meaningful experiences and organization around every Mele and Co. Please read on to learn a little more.


Our goal is to help your customers stay organized and manage everyday clutter so they can 'find their shine'. In a world where life is busy, messy and at times complicated, we are thrilled to help them declutter and enjoy life.

What does it mean to 'Find your shine™'?
It means making the most of every moment...

Your best you is waiting to be opened.

Not just for the special days,
For the every days.
To put a little extra sparkle in your eye,
And someone else’s.
Fine jewelry is just fine,
To wear dressed up or down.
Because diamond studs go great with jeans and flip flops.
A riviere necklace feels just as sexy walking down the beach at sunrise,
As it does dancing the night away until the wee hours.

Don’t wait for that one special moment,
Make all of them a little more special.
Open up and ...

Find your shine™


Our team is small but efficient and located both in North America and overseas. What does that mean for you? We know our products, we know our customers, we know our suppliers, we know how to provide high-quality product at an affordable price to keep you feeling organized and happy. Having overseas staff allows us to work closely with our suppliers, giving us the opportunity to be involved in the entire product development process and provides us the ability to deliver the best product at the best price to you, for you to pass on to your customers. Any time you need us, please reach out to our team. We're here to help and happy to connect with all our customers.


Mele and Co is the premier provider of jewelry organizational products, including jewelry boxes, watch boxes, valets, charging stations and armoires. We feel confident in saying this because of our brand recognition. Having the largest selection and variety of jewelry boxes, watch boxes, jewelry armoires, and more, we sell only the product we know best and don't clutter our product selection with unrelated items. We're able to offer you a variety of price points, covering all age ranges and styles. Mele and Co has been here for you for over 100 years, and we plan to stick around for another 100!


Our company was founded by Emidio Mele. 12-year-old Emidio emigrated from Italy to New York City in search of a better life. Filled with imagination and possibility, he began as a young apprentice, handcrafting designer jewelry display cases until 1912 when he founded his own company – Mele Manufacturing. As craftsman, salesman and deliveryman for the business, Emido’s focus eventually shifted to designing and manufacturing jewelry boxes for home storage, allowing Mele Manufacturing to survive the Great Depression, and later thrive, through hard work and high-quality standards. Today, Emidio’s vision has come full circle as the rebranded 'Mele and Co' maintains the proud traditions of the long-standing jewelry box brand while offering a fresh take on jewelry storage solutions.


Our products are designed to provide jewelry, watch, and accessory storage solutions to help your customers feel organized, smart, and stylish. Our US and Canada based team spends countless hours deliberating details both tiny and massive. We look at every aspect, from the exterior packaging to interior linings. We continuously strive to make the changes necessary to provide a meaningful experience and keep our products functional for organizing so you will continue to remember us for your jewelry organization needs. Some of our unique characteristics include designer inspired branded gift boxes, free jewelry polishing cloths included with our larger products, sophisticated branding, an interior classy "note card" from us, upscale fabric logo bag wrappings, clean and consistent inner and outer packaging, unique and exclusive designs, accents and more. Every Mele and Co product has several of these characteristics and many have all. Check us out! Feel the joy we take in organizing and helping your customer find their shine!