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My Daughter

Product: Angelica

I just received a white jewrey box for my newborn child from her popa. It's in memory of her grandma that passed away with cancer this past year. On top of the jewelry box it says from granny. She will always cherish it. I love love love it (; going to order myself one soon!


By MeleCo on
We are sorry to hear about your daughter's grandma, but are glad you are able to remember her and tell your daughter about her through one of our most popular precious little girl's musical ballerina jewelry boxes. The personal message on the top is the perfect extra special touch and we hope your daughter does cherish her jewelry box from her granny and popa for many, many years. We also have a smaller white girl's jewelry box and many other white and ivory colored jewelry boxes in both wood and faux leather for women as well - please check them out. Thank you for telling us your story and we wish you and your family all of the best!